Holiday Dinner December 2, 2010


SOLD OUT (see our upcoming events for more dining opportunities)
It is time! December 2, 2010 is the big date for Chicago’s premier plant-based gourmet 5-course underground dinner—The 24 Carrot Supper Club. Founder of the plant-based go-to resource, Heather Crosby, and former Top Chef contestant, founder of Culinary Speakeasy and professional chef, Valerie Bolon, are the gals behind this exciting idea.

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The secret location of this dinner will be announced (only to guests who will be joining us) November 29th or 30th. Cocktail hour (hosted by Chicago’s first boutique distillery, KOVAL) begins at 6pm, and the meal begins at 7pm.
SOLD OUT (see our upcoming events for more dining opportunities)

– – –
The 24Carrot Menu*
– – –

Signature cocktails (cocktails from Chicago’s KOVAL Distillery)
Herbes de Provence cracker topped with garlic cashew cheese and golden raisin jam GF

Roasted beet and avocado napoleon with lemon balsamic reduction, micro greens and crispy shallots GF
Suggested Wine Pairing:
Pinot Blanc or Grigio
A nice crisp white wine that is light and mildly fruity and will balance the flavors of the acidity in the dish.

Caramelized onion and apple soup, nutmeg oil and thyme graham cracker GF
Suggested Wine Pairing:
Sauvignon Blanc
A fruitier white wine that will complement the sweetness of the apples in the soup.

Apple cider vinegar and maple syrup braised mustard greens with sweet potato/parsnip ravioli and sucanat pecan sauce GF
Suggested White Wine Pairing:
Gruner Vetliner (white)
A nice white wine with minerality and a touch of acidity.
For Red lovers: Pinot Noir or Shiraz
Has characteristics of fruitiness which will balance the sweetness of the vegetables in the dish.

Three squash and sage terrine with sweet tomato sauce, crispy kale chips and sage oil GF
Suggested Wine Pairing:
Cabernet Saugivnon
A heartier wine with a touch more tannins that will readily balance the acidity of tomatoes and hearty vegetables.

Sticky almond cake with raw cardamom ice cream, pepita lace cookie, Marcona almonds, salted caramel sauce and cranberry coulis GF
Suggested Wine Pairing:
Sauterne or Port
Most sweet wines will complement this dish, Sauterne is a white grape and Port is a red grape…a matter of personal preference.

– – –
Seats $85 per person. The cost of this dinner includes a premium signature cocktail hour and a 5-course gourmet meal. BYOB/Wine. Pairing recommendations to come. We also have some fun surprises planned for our guests.
– – –

*We reserve the right to adjust the menu as we see fit, in order to create the best experience possible for our guests. For our dinners, we source as much organic and local foods as possible. We use whole, clean, natural ingredients to create a sequence of dishes that will have you beyond satisfied and definitely inspired. No processed foods or fake meats will make it onto our table, and know that we strive to create a menu that is either entirely, or almost entirely, vegan (we do use raw, wild-harvested honey) and gluten-free (look for the GF by each item that is sans gluten). When you see menu items listed as “cheese,” it is a delicious, homemade non-dairy, non-soy cheese. When you see “ice cream” on the menu, it is a soy- and dairy-free version that will have you wondering how it could possibly be that good without the dairy. Promise.

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5 Responses to Holiday Dinner December 2, 2010

  1. Yay!!! December 2 is my birthday, but I will be in Miami for the art fairs. I so wish I were in town to celebrate with you!! Please/thank you keep me posted.

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  3. Mansi says:

    How can we be added to the waitlist. My husband just got back this weekend and I came to sign up and you were sold out for the Dec. 2nd supper. We would like to come if you have any cancellations — please let me know what we can do.


    • Mansi~
      Unfortunately, we are actually oversold for the December 2 Holiday Dinner and closing in on selling out for the Valentine’s Dinner. The Bluegrass Dinner reservation list is also filling up quickly. I can assure you that those two dinners are going to be just as amazing as the Holiday Dinner (the recent developments the last few days have been very exciting). Hopefully one of those dates interests you.

      You can contact us at the24carrotsupperclub[at] to be added to the Bluegrass Dinner reservation list (tix available soon) and tix for Valentine’s are on sale now and selling like hotcakes. You can reserve your seat(s) for that one here.

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